New Trends In Wedding Receptions: Farm to Table, Organic, and Gluten Free

Posted on August 20th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning, Wedding Mom Basics.

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We’ve all been inundated with articles, TV shows, Netflix movies, and magazines that discuss the benefits of organic food as well as gluten-free food for individuals with celiac disease. These concerns about food are also affecting weddings. We spoke about this topic with Jonathan Pratt, who owns many successful restaurants, including Peter Pratt’s Inn in Yorktown, New York. The Inn is fast becoming a popular venue for country-style food-centered weddings.

Jon has been creating organic farm-to-table meals for the past 30 years at his Westchester County, New York country inn. He has noticed a significant shift in wedding trends where food at the reception has become the focal point of the wedding. Wedding couples, mothers of the bride, and mothers of the groom are now clamoring for restaurant-quality food. Pratt encourages the wedding couple and their families to taste his food beforehand and he points out which items are gluten-free. At Peter Pratt’s Inn, many are, because his flavorful sauces are created using reductions rather than thickened with flour. A recent New York Times article also highlighted rising requests from wedding couples, mothers of the bride, and mothers of the groom for gluten-free, peanut-neutral, free-range, kosher, organic, multigrain, vegan, locavore, and humanely-slaughtered dishes.

If you are mother of the bride or a mother of the groom, what are your thoughts on wedding reception menus?


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