Modern Wedding Etiquette: Smartphones and Social Media at Weddings

Posted on June 13th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Wedding Mom Basics.

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Wedding photos were traditionally captured by a professional photographer, videographer, and some guests who brought their own cameras. Wedding couples we know who married many years ago put disposable cameras at each wedding table to allow guests to take their own photos as well.

But oh, how times have changed with the smartphone! At some weddings, we have seen guests so in love with their smartphone features they seem to forget entirely about the bride and groom. Has instagramming yourself or the wedding couple become more important than appreciating beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony? Shockingly, the answer may be a “Yes!” Some wedding couples are now requesting all guests to remove their smartphones or leave them at home during their wedding celebration. As a mother of the bride or mother of the groom, you can help guests understand what the bride and groom want guests to do with their smartphones.

Here are some etiquette tips for using smartphones at weddings:

– Don’t interfere or walk around during the ceremony trying to get that perfect pic for Facebook. No one likes a meddling amateur photographer, even if you have thousands of followers on Instagram.

– A wedding ceremony really isn’t the best time to live Tweet an event. How would you feel if someone was glued to their smartphone during your ceremony?

– It’s not in good taste to publish unattractive or embarrassing moments captured on your smartphone to a social channel. How would you feel if a wardrobe malfunction at your wedding was shared with thousands of people?


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