Celebrity Hair Guru Gives Us Top Tips On Getting A Perfect Blow Out For the Wedding Day

Posted on June 8th, by mother of the bride in Beauty & Well-Being, Blog.

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Guest Post By: David Babaii for Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blow outs used to focus on pin straight hair.  Are women opting for blow outs that also have body and bounce?


Blo actually has a signature Blo Bridal service, available in-bar or on location so brides-to-be can select the style that compliments their dress and veil. Blo’s signature bridal service also includes a consultation prior and perfection on your wedding day. Today, the blow out has grown into multiple variations that encompass straight to curly. The art of the perfect blow dry is to achieve volume and natural swing to the hair.


A lot of weddings take place in the summer with high humidity.  How can you keep your blow out looking good and avoid frizz?


Selecting the right products is essential. This also includes the right shampoo for your hair type. If your hair is normal to oily I recommend using a deep cleansing one to remove all traces of oil. Next, avoid using conditioner at the scalp area, if needed only use it sparingly on the ends. Choosing the right styling products include no oil based leave in treatments at the root area as this can not only weigh hair down but create a greasy look. Instead, opt for a beach spray that adds volume, controls frizz and provides a light natural hold. To finish, use a flat iron to smooth any frizzy areas followed by a light holding hair spray.


How can you make your blow out last all day and throughout the night?  A lot of wedding ceremonies take place during the day and end late at night.


Use the same principles as I mentioned above but if you long for curls or beachy waves use a thermal styling aid that also adds holding power. The next must have is the right hairspray. Try to avoid the ultra-stiff ones as they first give you an artificial lacquered look and tend to flake later in the day. Instead, use a hairspray that gives you a medium natural hold. Professional products are a must as their technology is far more advanced and use a higher grade of ingredients.


Why is it a good idea to get your hair professionally blown out versus doing it yourself?


It is always easier for any of us to get our hair blown out by a trained professional. When you do it yourself, your hand gets tired of holding the blow dryer plus it is hard to get the right tension and lift at the root area especially in the back. The sides and top are a bit easier but not the back. Then you never know if you achieved a smooth finish so then you need to grab a mirror, look at the back and try to fix anything that is wrong. To make life easier,  a Blo Blow Dry Bar stylist can let you relax while they do all the work. They are quick and affordable at $40 for a blow out that can last until your next shampoo.


Can you overdo it with the styling products and ruin a blow out?  How can you make sure you are using the right amount of styling product when you start the blow out?

Yes, you can over-due the products and also not use the right ones. I try to do my best to simplify things for my clients. First, I believe in a clean canvas so the shampooing and conditioning are very important. This includes the right ones for your hair type. Sometimes a hydrating shampoo is not for everyone and that goes for amplifying ones as well. Then, my mantra has always been to rinse and rinse. Any leftover product will only dry hair out and cause your hair to look dull and lifeless. Your styling products should include a light-weight leave in treatment to give hair shine, one styling product that will work with your look followed by a light hold hair spray. You can alternate styling products for different looks. Always ask your stylist for recommendations.


What are some good tips for setting the blow out with a finishing spray or a hair spray?  What happens if I hold the finishing or hair spray too close to my scalp? 


This can only be achieved if you are using a professional light holding hair spray. Anything stronger will cause your hair and brush to tangle. Also, only mist the hair lightly right when you are finishing the section then wrap the hair around your brush and give it a blast of warm air followed by cool. This is great to bump the ends under. For a sleeker finish use a paddle brush, mist and then glide the brush through the hair with your blow dryer. Never spray any hair spray light or firm close to the scalp area. It will create flaking that will look like dandruff plus your scalp cannot

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