Tips For Selecting Your Engagement Ring: Super Sparkly Rings On Your Budget

Posted on September 7th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning, Fashion & Style.

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What if I can’t afford a big center stone? What types of settings should I look for that will help make a smaller center stone look more impressive and super sparkly?

Guest post by Allison Goodman, Director of Merchandising, Frederick Goldman Inc.

When shopping for an engagement ring, going up even half a carat can significantly increase the price. While engagement ring style is a matter of personal preference, you’ll find there are several ways to make a center diamond appear larger than its actual size. The setting of a ring is where true craftsmanship and design detail are featured to help accentuate the center stone.

Here are three design features to consider when shopping for your dream ring.


Halos are one of the most popular styles that are classic and timeless, appealing to women of all ages and style preferences.

A great way to accentuate a smaller stone is with a diamond halo, an outer ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone, which makes the center stone appear larger.

The ArtCarved Classic collection offers both single and double halos, available in white, yellow, rose or two-tone gold to compliment the center stone. Halo styles can be enhanced with polished or diamond accented bands and surprise diamond detailing under the center diamond for extra sparkle.

Remember, the shape of your center stone does not have to be the same shape as the halo. A round center stone always looks fabulous in a cushion halo!

3 Stone Diamond Rings

This popular style began many years ago as a representation of the past, present and future. While the style still holds significant meaning for many, it’s also a great way to make a center diamond look bigger with side stones, which can be either single diamonds or a cluster of diamonds on the sides. The row of diamonds beautifully catches and reflects light, adding for an extra touch of sparkle.

Our Vintage collection includes a variety of 3 stone styles with intricate milgrain, carved detailing and hand engraved patterns – all of which help to enhance the overall look of the ring.

Shank Designs

The design of the shank will accentuate the center stone while also expressing your personal style – whether you prefer a diamond or polished band or combination of both.   Another great way to showcase the center stone is to add color with two tone gold or texture with rope and braid details along the shank.

Check out the latest and greatest from the ArtCarved Contemporary collection featuring unique twists, rope and floral designs, which can be diamond intensive but still delicate.

To view more beautiful engagement rings in a variety of classic, contemporary and vintage styles, , visit and find a retailer near you.

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