Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Learn More About Today’s Social Media Trends at Weddings

Posted on July 14th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning, Wedding Mom Basics.

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Guest Post by Emma Cohen of When it comes to today’s social media wedding trends, many people are either banning social media altogether, or embracing social media during their special day. According to a survey from Wedding Paper Divas, in the U.S., using social media during weddings is pretty common. The average guest will share 22 photos and seven out of 10 Twitter users will make a post during a wedding (via Digital Trends). However, some guests prefer to keep their selfies hidden, banning phone use or requesting that guests don’t share photos without permission. It’s a personal choice for any couple-to-be, but for those that are jumping on the social media bandwagon during their wedding, here are some of the most awesome trends and ideas. Sending memories Having a social media stream of photos is great, but there’s no replacement for a photobook or a homemade video of your special day. That’s why tops our list for the best new take on good old-fashioned photo albums. Many couples are now using to recap special moments like the wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, or to send personalized thank you’s to their guests. It’s an innovative way for people to take the best moments from the wedding from their own devices, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and more, mix the photos to their favorite songs for an incredible soundtrack, and spread the finished slideshow across social media for memories that last a lifetime. Personal #Hashtags Birds of a feather trend together. Next time your friends are getting hitched, you may see them come up with a personal hashtag for their wedding. This is a useful way for everyone to group images, tags, and updates in one place so nothing gets lost in the wedding hubbub. Forgoing professional photos for app editors How do you ensure those photos shared across social media are as picture perfect as professional wedding photos? Amazing app editors! Free photo app editors like VSCO Cam give anyone the tools they need to create professional quality images from photos taken on phones. Now you don’t need to fork out tons of a professional photographer, just take a selfie and edit away! Getting some fame from those selfies Many brides and grooms today are using social media to get their 15 seconds of wedding fame. Whether watching their wedding videos go viral like this bridesmaid’s Eminem-inspired toast or submitting their Instagram photos to The New York Times Wedding Album section, many now see that social media offers an opportunity for their private event to give them a short burst of public fame. AppyCouple for Social Media Happy Couples For couples who are technologically savvy, some want to go all the way with technology. AppyCouple offers the chance for bride and grooms to be to design their own app and website for attendees, organizing everything from flight details, event invites, and more in one place. It’s great for those who always have their devices at their fingertips, but may not work as well for attendees who may miss old-fashioned modes of communication. Social media offers a great way for couples to stay in touch and share memories with each other and with guests before, during, and after weddings. There are plenty of great ways to use social media to your advantage during this special time in your life. Keep us posted on the coolest social media wedding trends on your radar. Slidely is a personal publishing platform helping users share their visual moments creatively & emotionally. We have helped more than 40 million users discover, share and create meaningful moments and experiences. Find us on Facebook and Twitter

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