Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Hot Trends For Weddings – Healthy Wedding Reception Foods Using Organic and Local Ingredients

Posted on July 2nd, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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Guest post by Jeanette Maier of Fancy Girl Table/Photography by

The big trend in weddings now is couples choosing to carry over their healthy personal lifestyle to their wedding meals.  An important element is locally sourced, fresh, artisanal and organic ingredients. It’s easy to find quality ingredients for an innovative menu that supports local farms in an earth-friendly way.

The cocktail hour is being used more to showcase a couple’s favorite foods, and couples are  choosing menus that offer something for everybody.  Appetizers that fit this trend are anything from Grass Fed Beef Skewers with Smoked Salts to a gluten free Vegetarian Quinoa Cake with Herb Remoulade. Parmesan Cups with Roasted Farm Vegetables and Smoked Tomato Pesto happen to be vegetarian, but will impress the meat eater with the bacony smokiness of the Smoked Pesto. Grass fed and pastured meat is also popular among health-conscious couples; use locally sourced ingredients for on-trend items like a Lamb Burger Slider with Feta Cheese & Tomato Jam. More and more vegan options are being worked into the mix now: vegan Porcini Eggplant “Meatballs” are a big hit. 

Another wedding trend is to serve dinner family-style. This is perfect, as it lets guests to pass platters to each other, so it’s  a great way for people to get acquainted. Family-style menus also present an opportunity to serve more dishes. Typically, three main course items and several sides will allow a wide variety of choices for everyone. When beautiful platters are being passed from guest to guest, everyone will partake. With more options on the table guests are likely to take a smaller helping so they can try a little of everything. Trendy entrees now include vegetarian Risotto Cakes with Pea Puree and Smoky Romesco, Wood Grilled Lamb and Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto.  A fresh seasonal salad featuring the best of the local farmer’s market is a must.

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