Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Giving Chef Quality Kitchen Knives For Foodie Wedding Couples

Posted on September 2nd, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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When Cutco Knives asked us to review some of their favorite kitchen knives, we happily agreed to do so.  Over the past several years, we have become interested in foodie culture and love cooking our own meals.  This is where you really come to appreciate excellent kitchen knives.   We all use knives in the kitchen every day.

When we think about it – really good knives are hard to find.  We’ve had all the big brands in our kitchen and they all seem to lose their cutting edge within the first 18 months. Hmmm – why is that?  Where can you find a really good professional quality kitchen knife that really goes the distance?

We have been using the Cutco paring knife, the trimmer, and the petite chef knife.  We love how the blades are of excellent quality.  Slicing a cucumber will never be the same experience again.  If you know of a bride or groom getting married soon  who truly enjoy cooking and entertaining, we can’t say enough about Cutco knives.

You don’t have to be a foodie or into entertaining to appreciate a good knife.  Good knives save time and effort when you’re just preparing routine meals and they really make an extremely useful and appreciated wedding gift.

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