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Tips For Selecting Your Engagement Ring: Super Sparkly Rings On Your Budget

Posted on September 7th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning, Fashion & Style.

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What if I can’t afford a big center stone? What types of settings should I look for that will help make a smaller center stone look more impressive and super sparkly?

Guest post by Allison Goodman, Director of Merchandising, Frederick Goldman Inc.

When shopping for an engagement ring, going up even half a carat can significantly increase the price. While engagement ring style is a matter of personal preference, you’ll find there are several ways to make a center diamond appear larger than its … Read More

Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Giving Chef Quality Kitchen Knives For Foodie Wedding Couples

Posted on September 2nd, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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When Cutco Knives asked us to review some of their favorite kitchen knives, we happily agreed to do so.  Over the past several years, we have become interested in foodie culture and love cooking our own meals.  This is where you really come to appreciate excellent kitchen knives.   We all use knives in the kitchen every day.

When we think about it – really good knives are hard to find.  We’ve had all the big brands in our kitchen and they all seem to lose … Read More

Why We Love Coffee Even More Now: Our Product Review of Keurig Coffee Machines

Posted on August 31st, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.


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How do you envision serving coffee and tea at your bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding reception?  I’ve always thought about serving hot beverages in traditional heated servers.  But what if you and your guests like more variety?  Have you ever considered using a Keurig Coffee maker?

We certainly never did before we received a Keurig K45 Elite Coconut White coffee maker with a variety pack of teas and coffees.  I don’t think we have ever had so much fun making Chai Lattes, Read More

Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Wedding Photographer Shares Top Tips On How To Find The Right Wedding Photographer

Posted on July 18th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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Guest post and photos by Cameron Mackey

In my opinion, one of the most important factors in finding your perfect wedding photographer, is having the ability to relate. A lot of the time people just hire on a photographer without putting too much thought into it, in all honesty that will not give you your best photos. A photographer’s job is to capture all your vulnerabilities and that can sometimes be a bit distracting with a camera between you, breaking any kind of eye contact. … Read More

Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Learn More About Today’s Social Media Trends at Weddings

Posted on July 14th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning, Wedding Mom Basics.

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Guest Post by Emma Cohen of Slide.ly When it comes to today’s social media wedding trends, many people are either banning social media altogether, or embracing social media during their special day. According to a survey from Wedding Paper Divas, in the U.S., using social media during weddings is pretty common. The average guest will share 22 photos and seven out of 10 Twitter users will make a post during a wedding (via Digital Trends). However, some guests prefer to keep their selfies … Read More

New Trends In Wedding Reception Desserts: We Review Sugar Bowl’s Baked Goods and Marich Candies

Posted on July 11th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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This was indeed a weekend of treats for us, as we indulged in some of the goodies from Sugar Bowl Bakery. Many of Sugar Bowl’s products are trans-fat free, including its line of donuts and flaky petite palmiers made from 100 percent butter and 300 layers of dough.  We couldn’t stop eating the dainty buttery French cake cookies called madeleines.  We thought the Petite Brownie Bites were perfect for a large gathering-they burst with chocolaty flavor, had perfect moist texture, but were not too … Read More

Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Hot Trends For Weddings – Healthy Wedding Reception Foods Using Organic and Local Ingredients

Posted on July 2nd, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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Guest post by Jeanette Maier of Fancy Girl Table/Photography by www.robpennerphotography.com

The big trend in weddings now is couples choosing to carry over their healthy personal lifestyle to their wedding meals.  An important element is locally sourced, fresh, artisanal and organic ingredients. It’s easy to find quality ingredients for an innovative menu that supports local farms in an earth-friendly way.

The cocktail hour is being used more to showcase a couple’s favorite foods, and couples are  choosing menus that offer something for everybody.  Read More

How To Have A Successful and Fun Destination Wedding: Top Tips For Brides and Grooms Planning Their Wedding

Posted on June 23rd, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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Guest post by Heidi Brown,  www.OptionsAway.com 

Weddings are stressful enough without adding travel planning to the mix. Often guests are flying in from other cities for the big day, or in the case of destination weddings, everyone needs a plane ticket to get to the wedding location.  A destination wedding can be a phenomenal idea, as both the bride and groom, as well as their guests, all get to get away to celebrate the nuptials.  However, there is more planning involved, and it takes strategic  … Read More

Top Tips For Newlywed Couples on Road Trips: Psychology Professor Shares Helpful Advice For Couples

Posted on May 27th, by mother of the bride in Beauty & Well-Being, Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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“Dos and Don’ts” for newlyweds on road trips: guest post by Matthew Johnson, Psychology Professor at Binghamton University

What To Do:

Talk about your relationship. Talking to your partner without distraction can really help your relationship. While I know of no research on talking to your partner while driving specifically, many couples I have spoken with have found car rides to be a good way to work on intractable problems that need sustained attention.

Talk about a complicated problem that needs to be solved (as … Read More

Mothers of the Bride and Groom: Top Wedding Cake and Wedding Dessert Trends For 2014

Posted on May 20th, by mother of the bride in Blog, Budgeting & Planning.

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Wedding Trends & Desserts 2014, guest post from Courtney Hamlin, Founder of Flavor Pursuit Bakeshop

It’s May and all the summer weddings are quickly approaching! From the dress to the cake to all the decoration details, the wedding planning season is in full swing! With so many details and wedding styles, where do you even begin? And what do brides even want these days?

Owning a bakery that specializes in weddings, you can image that I meet quite a few brides. At … Read More